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Musicians use a tuning fork to keep instruments in harmony. They do this by striking a note first with the fork, then tuning the piano, violin or guitar to that note. In the same way, we’re equipped with an inner tuning fork. When a decision is in tune with our highest good, there’s a feeling of peace. Unwise decisions strike a sour note; they’re a signal we’re getting off key.

Freeform writing, done daily, gets us in tune with inner guidance. Julia Cameron, in her book  ‘The Artist’s Way,’ calls this type of writing morning pages. Many writers, artists, zealots, monks, and cloistered nuns have used this method as well. This is three handwritten pages of stream of consciousness writing without regard for punctuation, structure or even a particular meaning. Done consistently, morning pages silences the inner critic and reaches down into the soul for direction on decisions large and small. Spirit is eager to hear and respond to all of our needs and wants, from ‘what should I have for lunch?’ to ‘should I leave this job, relationship or city?’ After the pages are written, we are free to go about our day, knowing that answers and synchronistic experiences will begin to appear.

Exercise: Try three handwritten morning pages for a week. If you can’t get to them first thing, you can do them after breakfast, on your coffee break at work, after walking the dog. The point is to do them. See if after a week you are noticing some winks from the Universe. (You will). Keep going; much more will be revealed.

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