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There is a magic day many of us are familiar with. Someday, we say, I’ll learn to throw pots, take piano lessons, call that friend I’ve lost touch with, get my finances in order, develop an exercise routine. Someday, of course, isn’t today, so it never arrives.

What’s the real holdup here? it isn’t time. We all have time to do what we want and need to do.  It isn’t money. Organizing paperwork or making the first move to heal a relationship doesn’t require a cash outlay. Beginning a new creative venture can be done on a shoestring.

Maybe we don’t pursue these ‘someday’ fantasies because we might not do it right. We might look silly. Our efforts will be rejected. We might fail. Or, horrors, we might even succeed. And then what?

The ego is very clever at protecting the status quo and sending out ‘fear this!’ messages to keep us ground to a halt. Yet we don’t need to listen. Fear, after all, is just ‘false evidence appearing real.’

We can take steps. Baby steps, easy steps, just the next step. The Japanese have a word for this inch by inch progress. It’s called kaizen. Major companies such as Toyota use this technique of small steps, successfully completed, to build confidence and competence in employees. The results speak for themselves. Good bye, frustration. Good bye, unrealistic expectations. Hello, progress.

A relationship may not be healed overnight, but a kind gesture, a forgiving heart, can set in motion great events. We may not create a beautiful sculpture or play a sonata the first week, but we could check out a pottery painting studio class or visit a music store to ask about lessons. We could set aside an hour to go through paperwork, or start just by taking a walk around the block.

By taking these tiny, kaizen steps, someday can be today.

Exercise: In your journal, write down a situation that has been a ‘someday’ in your life. You know the one. Now list three tiny steps you could take to begin inching toward that goal. Take one of those steps this week.

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