stainless steel close wrench on spanner

Thank God life isn’t like high school. We never have to graduate.

There aren’t many forty year old high school seniors around; sooner or later, the educational system will push them out the door and into the wide free world. Things come to a close.

But many things in daily life don’t complete quite as nicely. Learning to live with unfinished business – emotionally, mentally, physically – is part of being an adult. (Or acting like one, anyway).

It’s helpful to realize I don’t have to be fixed by 6 pm, and as Esther Hicks puts it, ‘You cannot get it wrong, and you never get it done.’

Exercise: Taking a look at where you are today, right here and right now, is there a personality trait or habit you desperately want to be ‘fixed’? Maybe it’s being organized, quieting a temper, living more and ‘screening’ less. Choose that one area, and write every reason you can think of for being where you are with it. That’s all. No other steps needed. Awareness is a first step to change.

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