Human nature will not flourish in the same worn out soil. My children shall strike their roots into unaccustomed earth.’  – Nathaniel Hawthorne

brown and green mountain view photo

We’re a mobile society. A job is no longer a lifelong career; partners, houses, religions and life paths can change and diverge as we move from state to state, country to country, continent to continent.

Yet outward changes aren’t the only ones that bring us to unaccustomed earth. Inner change always precedes an outward manifestation. Just a change in thinking or belief, a change of attitude to acceptance or gratitude, a change of perspective on a situation, alters the whole view.

Journaling is a simple and effective way to stay abreast of change, and even to initiate change when it is due. By writing faithfully to yourself, by yourself, needed actions and decisions seem to arise more smoothly, making change less scary.

Exercise: What is one area in which you are moving towards unaccustomed earth? Is it a job, relationship, attitude or even residence change? There is always some dimension in life where we are open to a shift. Take thirty quiet minutes and write about that place. Some people like to keep a separate journal or computer document for these areas, adding to them as time goes on.


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