man wearing blue suit jacket beside woman with gray suit jacket

Bedtime can be restful or stressful.

One way to ease the transition into sleep is to count up all the good things accomplished, seen, done, and heard throughout the day. This type of  review is calming for the body and mind. With practice, it becomes easy to spot the things that flowed smoothly; making it to appointments on time, having a healthy dinner, a fun phone call or visit with a friend.  These tiny moments are easy to miss if they aren’t consciously brought to attention. Doing a nightly wins list becomes a game and makes life more interesting: how many good things can I spot today?

It’s a self care habit that works.

Exercise: Try writing a wins list before bedtime. This can be just a few words, or an entire page or more. The important thing is not to pressure yourself to dutifully list things; just jot down what comes, and let it go.

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