Buddhism teaches that everyone has 83 problems.

No matter how hard we work, the end result is the same. Some problems can be solved or lessened, but then a new difficulty pops up in its place.

The 83 problems aren’t really the problem. It’s the 84th problem, which is . . . . we don’t want to have any problems.

Sound familiar?

Journaling helps with the 84th problem. Instead of resisting or running from troublesome feelings, people, or situations, we can write about them. No, writing about the 84th problem won’t solve the other 83. For me, it works to lessen the resistance and allow me to just breathe through it. So, ok, this is going on, I write. As my pen moves across the page, I am moving into acceptance. And with acceptance comes peace.

Exercise: Take 15 minutes and write about your own 84th problem. How has resistance made you unhappy? How could you let go of some of that resistance?

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