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List making is an effective way to get thoughts in order.

There are many more types of list than a grocery or a bucket list. In fact, lists can be written for just about anything. To me, making a list of attitudes, feelings, expectations, actions is often a first step in change and growth.

Along these lines is the idea of a permission list. Giving yourself permission to feel, believe, act or experience in a new or different way is empowering. Permission lists can be written to nudge along healthier daily habits (I give myself permission to try a new vegetable this week, walk a mile today, take a half hour of downtime). They can also be permission to stop doing something. (I give myself permission to not finish that boring book, not attend that party, drop the tired holiday tradition).

Exercise: Try writing a permission list of your own. What are five things you are willing to give yourself permission to stop doing? What are five new experiences you could grant yourself permission to have? What are five activities you could choose to enjoy?

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