eight person huddling

‘Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.’ – Carl Jung

Recently I took an online class called ‘Handscapes,’ with artist Lille Diane. The idea is simple; you just trace your hand on a sheet of drawing paper, and fill in as whimsy takes you. It’s a meditative process, and addictive! While I’m not one who caught the adult coloring book fad, these little drawings are not only fun to create, they seem to clear my mind as well.

Working with my hands gets me out of my head. There are many ways to use hands creatively. Maybe the following exercise will help you can discover some for yourself.

Exercise: Take a sheet of paper, and number one to ten. List ten ways you have used your hands creatively in the past. Gardening, ironing, mending, cooking all count. See if you can incorporate one or two of these activities into the week ahead.


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