assorted clothes

What do our closets say about us?

That’s a question posed by professional organizer Judi Culbertson, author of Scaling Down: Living Large in a Smaller Space.’

Whether we are a slave to fashion, a non-shopper or a ‘uniformer’ who wears the same style year in and year out, clothes broadcast a statement. About who we are. What we do. And what’s important to us.

Most of us know that we wear only 20 percent of the clothes we own (unless we are like Mother Teresa, who died leaving only a bed, chair and blue sweater behind). So why do we hang on to the other 80 percent? And, more importantly, why did we acquire these things in the first place?

Taking an inventory of our closets leads to some interesting conclusions. I finished reading this book and began streamlining my clothes right away. It felt good to let go of things that weren’t ‘me’ or had outlived their usefulness.

Exercise: Stand in front of your closet and select three of your favorite pieces of clothing, ones you wear again and again. Then, select three that you know you never seem to want to wear. Put them to one side, and then go to your journal and write about these items.  Aim for three pages.



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