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The Optimist Creed continues . . .

‘To look on the sunny side of everything, and make your optimism come true.’

Every situation in life is really two different situations, says Eleanor Hicks, a Law of Attraction speaker and metaphysical author. It’s like picking up a stick. Every stick we pick up has two ends; a positive and a negative. We can choose which end of the stick to focus.

Our minds are marvelous mechanisms. Through the use of imagination and thought, we skew events, situations and the behavior of others into channels that are familiar. If we’ve been raised in a negative atmosphere, or are generally a more moody person overall, the negative end of the stick will win out every time. Those who are blessed with a more positive temperment may naturally reach for optimism, but all of us can probably learn to be more accepting that good is just as real – and just as likely – as bad.

Exercise: Select a situation that you have consistently view in a negative light. (C’mon, we all have one). Take 15 minutes and list ten positive things about that situation. Tip: You don’t even have to believe in the positive things, just be willing to list them.

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