elephants calf baby elephant elephant tusks

In the wild, elephants roam freely, but a strange thing happens in captivity.

Young elephants can be tamed by chaining one leg to a stake in the ground. As the elephant grows, so does their enormous stamina. In time, they could easily break that chain and wander to their heart’s content.

Yet they don’t. Why?

Elephants trained since birth to remain captive won’t try to break their chain, because after a few initial struggles, they found it wouldn’t budge. So they gave up, never realizing that indeed they had the strength to free themselves.

How many of our beliefs were instilled in childhood and are no longer true? In order to release old ideas and beliefs, it’s helpful to know what they are.

Exercise: Write this question at the top of a blank page in your journal: “What is chaining me today?” Keep writing for at least a page and see what comes up. In times of fear, doubt or indecision, this is a good technique to gain clarity.


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