black record vinyl

Brian Wilson of the pop group The Beach Boys composed and arranged a game changer of an album with Pet Sounds. Released in the mid-1960’s to a ho-hum reception, the album featured a single, ‘Good Vibrations,’ that ultimately soared to the top of the charts. Music lovers, intrigued by the variety of sounds in that song, began to buy and listen to the album.

Over time, the album acquired a cult following, particularly among musicians, who were intrigued by its mix of musical styles. These included jazz, classical, rock and even ‘found’ sounds like bicycle bells and Coca Cola cans.

In 2004, 38 years after its release, Rolling Stone Magazine named Pet Sounds #2 of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Exercise: Music opens a door into the soul. Try writing while listening to music, preferably something outside of your usual genre. Classical, world, reggae or opera are all good choices.


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