man meditating in the middle of pathway

In Sanskrit, ‘Samistitihi’ means to close the pose, to return to the present moment, to stand at attention.

None of us carry a magic wand that will bring us into the present automatically; it seems as humans we are wired to look backward, forward, and around us – anywhere but where we are.

Whatever happened in the past, whether it’s twenty minutes or twenty years ago, is over. And of course, the future is just a dream in our minds; who knows what will happen? Always, there is only the present moment, the only one that counts.

In today’s writing, consider the present moment and how it can be used.

Exercise: Is there some situation or event from the past that is ripe for closure? Maybe there is an old, haunting memory, a silly mistake, an outgrown idea that can be put to rest. Write about the first one that comes to mind.

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