adult business desk document‘90% of life is just showing up.’ – Woody Allen

There’s a magic about the old Nike slogan, ‘Just Do It.’ When we put feet to our plans and get the body where it’s supposed to be, momentum takes over. Instead of trying to talk ourselves into something, we bring our physical selves. We act our way into right thinking, and right behavior.

I’m a big fan of action. Journaling is action; it’s taking time to communicate with ourselves. Just showing up at the page can seem like not such a big deal, but faithfulness pays off in this, as in any healthy habit. We all have much wisdom inside and when we actively listen, our lives improve by following the counsel of that inner voice.

Exercise: Just show up at the page today, with this question: “What do I need to know today?” Write, without stopping, for at least a page.

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