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Stay where your feet are. – Anonymous

By now, we all know how important it is to stay in the present moment. I’ve heard many speakers talk about this, I’ve read books about the Now, I’ve followed my breath and snapped a rubber band around my wrist when my mind wandered into the past or the future. Still, it’s a struggle!

I heard a talk that illuminated the idea for me. The speaker said to visualize our minds as having three rooms: Past, Present and Future. Throughout the day, our thoughts may move in between the rooms.

Noticing which room we are in, and returning to the room of the Present, is awareness. Done consistently, the practice could (I’m hoping) become automatic.

This one resonated with me. I can visualize three rooms; I’ve watched enough episodes of House Hunters for that. I’ve been using this analogy and it’s fun. Oops! I think as I drift to the left (for some reason, the Past is to the left, probably for what’s left behind.) The future is to the right, out yonder on the horizon. The Present, of course, is right in the middle.

Exercise: At the end of your day, think back to the three rooms in your mind. Which events or activities activated a shift into the Past or Future room? Write about those times.

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