white angel illustration

When we have a troubling relationship with another, the waters often calm when we take pen to paper and write to that person’s higher self.

This practice bypasses the human side and gets right to the soul. Spiritual author Catherine Ponder writes about this concept in the book ‘The Prospering Power of Love.’ She notes that when disputes, ill feelings or malaise arise between her and another person, she writes to that person’s higher self, asking for guidance and affirming right results. Inevitably the relationship either improves or harmoniously dissolves.

I have used this form of journaling over the years, mostly, I admit, when other tactics fail. It has always worked to bring me peace of mind and I believe has caused a miracle or two.

Exercise: Select a frazzled relationship and during your journaling time, write a letter to that person’s higher self. Write as specifically as possible of your struggles and ask for guidance and clear direction. Close with gratitude. Watch what happens.

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