close up of tree against sky

I’m feeling green today.

Not with envy, but with a sense of growth and healing. It’s Spring, and I’m seeing new growth everywhere. An art teacher I had long ago told me that there are more shades of green in nature than any other color. To me, that means growth occurs in stages and the colors change as the stages progress.

Today’s color is a fun topic for journaling. Like music, color bypasses the logical mind and speaks to the emotions. We make choices based on color instinct. Yellow, for instance, means sunniness and optimism, but also is the color of the mind and intellect. Blue indicates peace, while red is passion. Another of my favorite colors, orange, symbolizes enthusiasm.

So what’s your color today?

Exercise: What color comes to mind when you think of the day ahead? (Or, if you’re writing at night, choose the color that corresponds with the day you’ve had). Did the day feel calm and blue, a bit frantic with dramatic red, full of imagination with lively purple?

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