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No one needs to write fluently, spell correctly, or even make sense on the page in order to benefit from journaling.

Personally, I write longhand and sometimes my writing is sloppy, all over the place, misspelled and full of my own version of shorthand. The meaning is sometimes not in the words themselves; it’s in the feelings behind the words. At times I don’t have words for what I want to say; a squiggle or a picture will do. And still, I know I am expressing myself in a way that is completely unique.

One reason I think this works is what I call the “after” effect. I may be in a confused or bleary state of mind when I write, and what comes out may appear to be nonsense, boring or insignificant, but later on – that day, that week or even within an hour – I will have an insight. An aha moment. Perhaps an answer to a question I didn’t know I had.

Exercise:  When you’re having a sort of blank or off day, try writing anyway. Pick up a pen, a pencil, a marker or a crayon, and begin with “I don’t know where I’m going with this, but . . .” Finish the sentence, then go on to finish the page.


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