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Happiness, it’s said, is a ridding process.

At the start of a new year, some of us make plans. Sometimes we even call them resolutions. Usually these aspirations are to do, be or have more.

More money, more health, more success, more friends, more confidence. Or even more peace.

Funny thing is, my intuition tells me that first I must subtract. Instead of entering these goals onto yet another to-do list, then jumping into action, I must cultivate a habit of  pausing to just simply be. If, like me, you’re a ‘doer’ in nature, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. So far, I’ve managed only seconds or minutes at a time. I’ll persist, though, and see what happens.

Exercise:  Set a timer if you need to, and take five minutes of pause time. Look out a window, examine the leaves of a plant, take in your surroundings, listen to all the ambient noise. Then take your journal and write a page about your observations.

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